I’ve been a practitioner of a wide variety of Chinese health and martial arts for over three decades. This includes things like Neigong, Qigong, Tai Chi as well as practical self defence focussed training. 

These arts are in a large way influenced by the traditional philosophical ideas of Taoism, and essentially seek to get the practitioner back to a balanced natural state, that is thoroughly in tune with the realities of natural rhythms and tendencies. They take into account the integrated nature of fitness, performance and wellbeing. It’s a very whole way of looking at fitness. The Yin/Yang paradigm is fundamental to this worldview and is a very helpful tool to rebalance activities, and your health/performance training.

This primal philosophy can help to inform your training, and very positively affect not only your health and wellbeing, but also your performance.

The Yang training elements we train here include things like Kettlebell lifting, Ring training, Barbell work, Fighting skills, Sparring training, Wrestling training,  Pad work, Interval training, Explosive training (plyometrics) etc.

The Yin elements include things like meditation (various types), Qigong, neiigong, Tai Chi form, posture and movement practice, stretching, breathing practices, visualisation, massage, nutrition and so on.

The objective here is to create a training process that is well designed, balanced and meets the true needs of the individual, beyond the superficial.

Neil Rosiak MSc.


The Camden studio is a completely private practice space, so you can focus entirely on what you are doing.

It’s a very relaxed process and is pretty far removed from your typical bootcamp style of training. You will learn to develop your technical skills, learn about why you are doing what your are doing, and develop your capacity to extend yourself and push your own boundaries when and where applicable. 

You will become a skilled practitioner of whatever aspects you are learning and training, which I believe is ultimately far more satisfying and beneficial than just being ‘beasted’.

You will generally leave a ‘practice’ feeling far fresher than you came.

Cost: Session prices vary depending on the times you take them and the amount of sessions you take per month. For an accurate quotation simply drop me an email.


To begin with I recommend dropping me an email, phone call or text message and we can arrange either and initial session, or a short meeting at the studio. At the start of the process we can establish a strategy of training that will focus on achieving your personal health, fitness or performance goals. 

16 Kentish Town Road,  London NW1 9NX0751 552 2950info@principlebasedfighter.com